The ultimate in security and style

Intruder resistant aluminium security shutters are specially designed to give you complete peace of mind while blending beautifully with your chosen space. The Portchester security shutter gives you unparalleled home protection without comprising on style.

Tamper proof locking system

With its focus on strength and security, the Portchester range comes complete with an innovative patented Italian locking system. This operates top and bottom simultaneous locking bolts into a rigid, tamper-proof aluminium frame.

Built in durability

Manufactured in South Africa, a world-leader in home security solutions, our CE certified aluminium shutters are robust, durable and incredibly hard wearing. Shutters are powder coated for a smooth and long-lasting, anti-corrosion finish. For your added assurance, Portchester comes complete with up to a 5 year manufacturer warranty.

Securely elegant

Traditional burglar deterrents such as grilles, roller shutters and burglar bars are unsightly and block out light.

That’s where aluminium shutters are like no other – combining strength, security and stylish elegance in one unique package.

Hidden silent tilt rods create a sleek look with elegant contours and clean lines, building a perfect backdrop to suit any interior style.

Versatile by design

Our custom-made security shutters operate like conventional shutters. They come in a range of sizes and are available as full height, bi-fold and bypass styles. You can leave the robust louvres open or closed as you please, safe in the knowledge that the shutter is completely impenetrable, both day and night.

Low maintenance and easy to clean, the Portchester range is available in deluxe satin white, charcoal and even custom colours to match any shade of your choice. And because it blends seamlessly with our existing S:CRAFT ranges, you can enjoy a consistent design theme through your home.

Insulation for your home

Portchester keeps intruders out – and seasonal weather elements too. Adjustable 89mm louvres allow you to control air flow into your home, minimising the sun’s glare and heat during the summer, but retaining warmth in the winter. They help reduce noise levels too, making them ideal for homes near busy roads.

Complete privacy & light control

Adjustable louvres give you complete control over your privacy and light control, so you can keep unwanted attention out and adjust light filtration to suit your needs.